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Got God On My Mind AND In My Mind

This article is easily controversial and many people will have different kinds of problems with it. WARNING: It is not dinner table conversation! Nevertheless, what I find especially resolving is that this mainstream look at how our brains respond when experiencing God seems to suggest that it doesn’t matter what “belief system” we subscribe to; The neural or stimulative effect is the same. This is an excellent validation that organized religion has little to do with how we are wired to […]

The “Keys” To Natural Beauty

Alicia Keys encourages makeup-free life after photo shoot. FILE – In this March 23, 2016 file photo, singer Alicia Keys performs in Seattle. Musician Keys and others met with President Barack Obama to discuss ways they can continue the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper… Alicia Keys encourages makeup-free life after photo shoot – WTOP thumbnail courtesy of

Recording Artist Josette On Her Gift From God

Recording artist Josette credits God for her amazing talents and ability to persevere.

Now I Feel God’s Pain

By Greg Pai
Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Only God!

Talent Wallpaper Download Area Click the appropriate button and save the wallpaper image to your device. You can then set the image as your lock and/or home screen as normal. [download id=”1210″] [download id=”1212″] [download id=”1214″]