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Smile! Wait… Don’t Smile

Now You Know: Why Do People Always Look So Serious in Old Photos? – TIME

How Much For That Smile?

It is good to note that a smile costs the same as a frown. I know, you may not be feeling it. So think about what it might do for someone that sees you and needs it. 🙂 -Greg Pai

When Lightning Strikes

The First Photographs of Lightning Crackle with Electric Chaos. William N. Jennings, notebook page with photograph of lightning (1887), gelatin silver prints mounted onto bound notepad paper (courtesy George Eastman Museum, collection of Louis Walton Sipley). The First Photographs of Lightning Crackle with Electric Chaos – Hyperallergic thumbnail courtesy of

A Handwritten Note…

I have to believe that typing shortcuts into a device or simply dictating a message loses so much of the potential to communicate. Three aspects of communication are under attack  by technology. The first aspect is time. Time allows us to fully contemplate and complete our thoughts increasing the probability that our audience will understand what we are trying to communicate. Technology is an enemy of time because the more time something takes, the less effective the technology. The second […]