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Wasting Away In Consumerville

The waste generated by consumer electronics, or e-waste (primarily computers and peripherals, audio and video equipment, telephone and wireless devices, most office machines, and video game consoles), is a serious problem as you may know or will learn from the images and statistics in the Guardian article below. However, the waste is one problem and the cause of the waste is yet another. More specifically, we have allowed ourselves to become a major part of a destructive “throw-away” economy. The E-waste problem is […]

Colour In The City

Colour in the city: Ramin Nasibov’s vibrant urban photography – in pictures. Berlin-based graphic designer Ramin Nasibov began photographing hidden patterns in buildings after he noticed pockets of colour hiding among the city’s grey skyline. “You won’t believe it, but colourful architecture can be found in any city,” he says. Colour in the city: Ramin Nasibov’s vibrant urban photography – in pictures – The Guardian thumbnail courtesy of

Now I Feel God’s Pain

By Greg Pai
Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Are You A Picture Taker Or A Photographer?

A Picture-Taker becomes a Photographer when he or she has connected with the phenomenon that they capture.

Have You Seen Nature’s Waterfall Of Colors?

“The Aurora Borealis , or Northern Lights, is one of nature’s most spectacular light displays. Ever changing, they will intrigue anyone who is lucky to catch them night after night. At no other time of year can we drive through city and country alike and feel the warmth that lights add to our lives. No matter how awesome our light displays are though, nothing can compare with one of the most amazing shows nature has to offer; the Aurora Borealis, or […]