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You Must Remember This; A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss…

Photographer Curious About Love Snaps Couples Kissing All Over New York City – Bravo (blog) Photographer Julia Xanthos loves love. The New York based professional photographer finds young couples in love on the city streets and documents it for a site she created, called YoungLove. Photographer Curious About Love Snaps Couples Kissing All Over New York City – Bravo (blog) thumbnail courtesy of

The World According To The World. A Frightening Look.

Whatever belief system you subscribe to, I think most of us can agree that civilization is becoming increasingly self-destructive. I suppose we may have been more barbaric in the distant past (and that may be debatable). Yet, has man’s creation of increasingly complex systems including government, finance & economics, health & medicine, organized religion, education, agriculture, commerce, technology, science, communications, media, and transportation, promoted progress for the human race? Is progress leaving anyone behind? Are we eradicating sickness and poverty; improving the quality, […]

Black And White Fez

German Photographer Captures Beauty of Fez in Black and White. Rabat – When German photographer Victoria Knobloch visited Fes this past April, she was blown away by the beauty of the ancient city. Fez is one of the most spiritual cities in Africa, built around an incredibly well-preserved medina. German Photographer Captures Beauty of Fez in Black and White – Morocco World News thumbnail courtesy of

Andromeda Strain

Photograph ‘Taken Without a Telescope’ Shows Andromeda Galaxy Next to the Moon. A purported photograph that shows the galaxy next to (and much larger than) the moon is actually a composite of two separate images. Dan Evon. May 25, 2016. Share. Photograph ‘Taken Without a Telescope’ Shows Andromeda Galaxy Next to the Moon – thumbnail courtesy of

EVeryday Life In Myanmar

Crowdsourced Photography Website Showcases the Beauty of Everyday Life in Myanmar. Photo from Featured Collectives by Thet Paing Htay. Life of Ferry Boats. Yangon, Myanmar. 2015. CC License. A crowdsourced photo blogging website, Featured Collectives, encourages submissions from photographers who capture the day-to-day of … Crowdsourced Photography Website Showcases the Beauty of Everyday Life in Myanmar – Global Voices Online thumbnail courtesy of

Smile And Say Yum!

Day In The Life: Food and Restaurant Photographer Cayla Zahoran. Cayla Zahoran is a food photographer who lives and works in New York City. She works with magazines and restaurants, creating appetizing images. You can see more of her work on her website and follow her on Instagram. thumbnail courtesy of 

Guitars Come To Life

Salt Spring Island photographer brings rare, vintage guitars to life in exhibition. Salt Spring Island photographer Gillean Proctor knew immediately what his newest project would be when he visited an acquaintance’s house and was shown a rather unique collection, tucked away in a room in a basement behind a “secret door.”. thumbnail courtesy of

Earth’s Night Lights

LOOK: Astronauts capture stunning photo of Earth’s night lights from space. BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE. Astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) have been unraveling the mysteries of outer space since 1998. Photo taken from NASA’s official website. thumbnail courtesy of

The Mexico You May Not Know

Get ready to experience a kaleidoscope of color and beauty as photographer Diego Huerta introduces us to the Aztec people “through the lens of God’s eyes.” We generally do not get the benefit of this portrayal from the mainstream media but, the Mexican people are ALIVE with culture. Enjoy! Photographer Diego Huerta Portrays Beauty Of Mexican Indigenous Communities In Stunning Photos Photographer Diego Huerta has taken on the task to travel all over Aztec grounds, and with his camera, has managed to […]

Capturing A Miracle

Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time can be the exact place at the perfect time to photograph a miracle. Many remember this amazing story of heroism on the part of the pilot and the orderly passengers who didn’t let their panic overtake their desire to assist one another. The individual who captured this moment just happened to be on a ferry not too far from where the plane landed. What could have easily resulted in a bad outcome […]

Put Your Shovels Away and Let It Snow!

I remember as a child cutting snowflakes out of folded paper and always entertained by the result. An acceptable rendition of what only God can produce perfectly. However, only when I stumbled on the work of a certain amateur photographer did I truly realize how magnificent a creation a simple snowflake is. Maybe not so simple after all. We can get up close and personal with the snowflake through the work of Alexey Kljatov. Get ready to be amazed! Photographer Alexey Kljatov uses quick bursts of […]

I Thought About Quitting…

God, please give us daily strength for our children

We Don’t Want to Tell People…

God gave us a brilliant mind to think for ourselves and not simply follow a system by default. But that requires time, effort, and most of all, God’s wisdom. Thinking, discovering, and creating are the three worst things to outsource, and doing so is a fatal mistake.

Have You Seen Nature’s Waterfall Of Colors?

“The Aurora Borealis , or Northern Lights, is one of nature’s most spectacular light displays. Ever changing, they will intrigue anyone who is lucky to catch them night after night. At no other time of year can we drive through city and country alike and feel the warmth that lights add to our lives. No matter how awesome our light displays are though, nothing can compare with one of the most amazing shows nature has to offer; the Aurora Borealis, or […]

If Not For The Valleys

by Greg Pai Featured Photo Credit: highlights6 (Wood Lanes, UK) If not for the valleys I often descend I could not see the mountains o’er horizon’s bend The glory of God His Majestic style Awe filled landscape A miracle mile So far in the distance While feeling so close The landscape before me I anticipate most These dips are in God’s grips All these lands are in His hands Descents and ascents are the intent of His plans Shaping and […]

All Are Welcome Here

While so many in the world seek out reasons to divide, hate and war against one another, a group of brave people, from different faiths, yet with similar hearts, are seeking to coexist. Not only peacefully, but cooperatively. “A mosque, a church and a synagogue go up on the site of an old Jewish country club. It sounds like the setup to a joke — but it’s not. It’s actually happening in Omaha, Neb. The Tri-Faith Initiative may be the first place […]