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Only God!

Spiders have between two and six spinnerets at the back of their abdomen. Each one is like a tiny showerhead that has hundreds of holes, all producing liquid silk.

Only God!
Only God!

Closeups Of God’s Creation

The Scriptures say “No one has seen God.” So, how do we photograph God?  I believe that we can photograph God by seeing God through God’s eyes.  For example, to see images upside-down or inverted requires the aid of mirrors.  Similarly, examining the details of objects in space or the molecular structure of life is impossible without the aid of a telescope or microscope. In either case, our eyes alone are not sufficient.  So – I believe that we can get photos of God if we have the aid of God’s own eyes.  When we learn to see the world and all its creation through God’s eyes (the way God intended), we can’t help but fall to our knees in absolute amazement.  When we extend our attention span to a near meditative state and freeze a frame of God’s creation in the lens of a camera, we h
ave an opportunity to see through God’s eyes.

The Itsy Bitsy SpriderPhotos that close in on the most finite details of creation or those that are emotionally inspiring because they connect with the heart are what I call “Close Ups” of God.  Abstract and inspirational photos touch our deeper creation. They trigger a chemical combustion in the brain that stimulates both our curiosity and imagination.  Details are the “spices of life” and are generally taken for granted while having the most to offer. Often, these abstracts enlighten us. Give us a new and truer meaning or significance to something that we have neglected, minimized or ignored. I recently watched a spider spin its web close up for about an hour and what I learned is that spiders are not scary, disgusting, or dangerous…  But Miraculous!