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Only God!

Roses can be added to salads and used in desserts and cakes. Rose Petals and rose hips are also made into jam, jelly, and marmalade. Rose syrup is sometimes used to make marshmallows and is used in rose-flavored ice cream. The rose hip (the fruit of the rose plant) contains high amounts of vitamin C as well as trace amounts of vitamin A and B. Rose hip is considered one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C.

The View That I Choose

Extra! Extra! Did you read the news?
God’s world is a world of infinite views;
In a contest,
I promise,
not one would lose;
But the one from above, is the one that I choose.


Look Into My Eyes…

Our eyes are like caverns lined with gold. The treasure that lies deep within them can be seen from a mile away.

You Have Been Magnificently Made

A long day at work. I gave my best because I have been magnificently made. And now, I am greeted by the gorgeous falling light of sunset and music to my ears. I am blessed.

What Do You Mean To God?

The frail remains of this tree are as important to God as the bountiful forest in the distance. He has even given it the gift of a beautiful reflection of its own that shouts, “I am perfectly made.” What does that say about what you mean to God?”

Are You A Picture Taker Or A Photographer?

This article gives one artist’s perspective; and a valuable one. However, I do not see this topic as having perspectives per se’. Few would argue that the process of “taking pictures” has become routine (even for many professionals) and leads to little satisfaction for all of us just snap, snap, snapping away. This is yet another reason why photographingGOD exists. We want to restore the value of an image; Even one taken with a phone device. Restoring value in imagery however, starts with restoring value in all of creation (mankind, nature, talent & gifts, miracles, etc.) before it gets captured in the camera. A Picture-Taker becomes a Photographer when he or she has connected with the phenomenon that they capture. This connection becomes contagious as others see what the photographer saw and then add their own personal significance. And that’s Amore!

A Picture-Taker becomes a Photographer when he or she has connected with the phenomenon that they capture.

We believe that every image, regardless of the professional quality, fundamentally captures Light (ironically the same function as the human eye itself). And Light reveals colors, patterns, textures, contrasts, miracles, wonders, and Life! So much to marvel at. When a picture-taker becomes a photographer the result is a deeper appreciation and connection with the subject and with God, the Creator of all things.

What makes a photographer when everyone is taking pictures –

“When photographer Ken Van Sickle was 23 and living in Paris, he could barely afford rolls of film. One night, hearing that jazz great Chet Baker was playing, he went and took only two pictures, and one was blurry. So what’s happened to photography now that everyone has the technology to take as many pictures as they like? Van Sickle offers his Brief But Spectacular take.” read more at

Always Thank God…

Using a camera is a great way to capture the awesomeness of God’s creation. But let us never forget that God’s creation extends infinitely beyond the frame of an image.

When God Smiles…

As a photographer, I have learned to observe the very subtle changes in a person’s expression in slow motion. Like the breaking of a smile that I can often induce with a joke or a facial expression of my own. And it is such an awesome spectacle to witness. I remember as a child wanting to sit in front of the oven with the light on and watch the cookies bake. I must say, there is something very special about watching a miracle in action.

Well, this is certainly the case twice daily with God’s sunrise and sunset. Neither happens instantaneously, but ever so slowly and still fast enough to capture the whole event – start to finish. And when we get to that moment where the sun blasts out over the horizon with its marvelous rays, it feels so much like that smile.

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For What Could I Thirst…

It is very easy to go through the day preoccupied with everything that is wrong in our life. Trust, this is what I do for a living! However, that just happens to be my job. But for the majority of us (including me in my down time), it is vital that we pick our heads up and focus on that which is “working” in our lives. The desert season is a time when our life seems barren, dry, and lifeless. We thirst for revival and favor. How easy it is to forget that come nightfall, the desert offers a magical spectacle of stars that would not be enjoyed with the same clarity under any other circumstances.

God never leaves us empty. Even when we are lost for a time in the desert, miracles abound for sure.

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…The Purest Of Human Pleasures

The garden is just one of many ways God reveals His awesome spectrum of color, design, and possibility. It is truly a gift of love for it is boundless just like God’s love for us.

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