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The awful truth about some photography workshops

DIYPhotography The awful truth about some photography workshops http://bit.ly/1V7Ey9Z The awful truth about some photography workshops When taking a photography workshop, it’s important to perform some due diligence to ensure you’re investing your money wisely. Whether you’re a brand new or seasoned photographer, one things holds true — if you belong to any website, photography Facebook group, or have photographer friends, you are… Read More at DIY Photography

15+ Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography

DIYPhotography not all is what it seems 15+ Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography The internet is full of beautiful and amazing photographs, but do you ever stop and wonder just what went into that perfect shot? Read More at DIY Photography

#InstaFaker vs #InstaReality: The Truth Behind Instagram Photos

PetaPixel The fake lives in Instagram photos. #InstaFaker vs #InstaReality: The Truth Behind Instagram Photos The sketch comedy group SketchShe made this humorous short titled “#InstaFaker Vs #InstaReality.” Viewed over 70 million times so far online, the video sho Read More at PetaPixel

Brutal Truth: Nobody Cares About Your Photography

PetaPixel “Nobody cares about your photography.” Brutal Truth: Nobody Cares About Your Photography Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography made this 7.5-minute video in which he talks about a brutal truth of photography: the fact that “nobody is interested Read More at PetaPixel

‘Rather than act as a professor who hands down the truth, I tend to direct stude…

Magnum Photos ‘Rather than act as a professor who hands down the truth, I tend to direct students to find out by themselves how they can improve their photography and their editing’ – A. Abbas. Open for applications: Magnum Photos and Spéos Paris Photographic Institute Creative Documentary and Photojournalism Diploma in Paris – from September 2016 APPLY NOW: bit.ly/MagnumSpeosDiploma This image: At sunrise, a fisherman in his boat on the river Niger, Bamako, Mali, A. Abbas, 1994. © #Abbas/ #MagnumPhotos […]

“If journalism on the ground can’t bring the truth to the public, at least it ca…

Magnum Photos “If journalism on the ground can’t bring the truth to the public, at least it can offer a different point of view” Visa d’Or nominee Lorenzo Meloni speaks about his time In Yemen ahead of Visa Pour l’Image-Perpignan this weekend: http://bit.ly/2bFcZFe © Lorenzo Meloni/Magnum Photos Read More at Magnum Photos

Photographer shares the truth behind viral photo of cheetahs killing impala

DIYPhotography Did you fall for this story, or you thought it was a hoax from the very beginning? Photographer shares the truth behind viral photo of cheetahs killing impala Has your Facebook feed been flooded with the photo of impala a few seconds from death by hungry cheetahs? Allegedly, she sacrificed herself to save her younglings from the hungry beasts, and the photo shows his final glare as her young ones escape. Well, this touching story of “motherly sacrifice” … […]

“The truth is, in any divided city or country, the people on either side are muc…

Magnum Photos “The truth is, in any divided city or country, the people on either side are much the same.” – Ian Berry Magnum photographers discuss their relationship to the city as a new exhibition launches with RATP: http://bit.ly/2moUTgq PHOTO: Berlin. West Germany. 1963. © Ian Berry / Magnum Photos Read More at Magnum Photos

The Truth About DxOMark Camera Ratings

PetaPixel The truth about DxOMark camera scores. The Truth About DxOMark Camera Ratings DxOMark’s camera ratings are becoming more and more influential in the camera and smartphone industries. But how exactly do the scores work? Here’s an 11-m Read More at PetaPixel

Sports reporter thinks his iPhone calculator app is a light meter and gives out readings on air

I know there are iPhone light meter apps out there, but this ain’t one of ’em. Sports reporter thinks his iPhone calculator app is a light meter and gives out readings on air It’s said that the truth is often stranger than fiction. I’m not entirely sure about that, although it can be far more hilarious. In this example of a man who’s confident in his words, we have a sports reporter talking about the light levels on the cricket […]

The Truth About Vintage “Radioactive” Lenses: Watch the Entire Video Before You Freak Out

Do you glow in the dark? The Truth About Vintage “Radioactive” Lenses: Watch the Entire Video Before You Freak Out Have you ever noticed a yellow tint to the glass in a vintage lens? That may be because certain lenses in the 60s and 70s used a Thorium coating that yellows over time. Link to the full Shutterbug Magazine story

5 Common “Photography Lies” Debunked: A Pro Nature Photographer Reveals the Truth (VIDEO)

Agree or disagree? Tell us what you think. 5 Common “Photography Lies” Debunked: A Pro Nature Photographer Reveals the Truth (VIDEO) We’ve all heard that photography “rules” are meant to be broken on occasion, but in the video below photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj takes this notion a bit further, claiming that five common precepts of photography are out-and-out ‘lies.” Link to the full Shutterbug Magazine story

The Truth About ‘Shot on iPhone’-Style Ads

“Shot on iPhone.” Wink wink. The Truth About ‘Shot on iPhone’-Style Ads Have you ever been disappointed that your smartphone’s camera doesn’t quite live up to the shots seen in commercials? “Shot on a Smartphone” often tags alo Link to the full PetaPixel story

Buildings And Institutions Will Not Shape Your Child’s True Potential

At What Cost Does Our Current System Of Education Come? The developed world spends billions of dollars on education and is continuously moving the goal post on what is expected from our children. Absolutely, we should challenge our children’s potential. God created us with expandable capabilities, skills, and talents. So, we need to be all that we can be (As individuals, and not machines of course). But, have we stopped to think “at what cost” does this investment come? We […]

The Eyes Have It; But The Homeless Have The Eyes

Not all people who have met the misfortune of homelessness are homogeneous and can be lumped into one group. Homelessness does not define a person. Rather, it is a description of one’s circumstances and not who they are. Let us never forget that these are individuals with their own special stories and the blessing of life from God. Furthermore, the label alone will never define the potential of a single person. Just ask world-renowned author and humanitarian, J.K. Rowling. However, […]

By The Power Vested In Me… Not So Sure About That.

This announcement by the Vatican serves as just one more reason so many people around the world are turned off to organized religion. The notion that any mortal man could grant power to another man, like that of forgiveness of sin, is frightening to me. I am a Christian with a serious concern about the Church, what it is teaching outside of the true Gospel, and skeptical about organized religion as a whole. So I don’t know what that really makes me, except […]

One Nation, Under God…

Dear Americans: Whatever your political persuasion and your feelings about the current environment, the real tragedy is that America is, was, and will likely continue to be a deeply divided people. Unfortunately, hate and prejudice are in the hearts of all men since the beginning of time. These traits do not belong to a particular political persuasion, religion, race, ethnicity, age, etc. However, man can and will use such mechanisms to promote his own divisive agenda. This vulnerability belongs to all […]

Greg Pai On “The Voice of the Heart” and photographingGOD Podcast

Journey with photographingGOD founder and photographer, Greg Pai as he leads you through the perils of “the voice of the world” that distances us from our natural existence and connection with God as it defines, informs, and motivates us. Greg suggests an alternative voice that speaks from our hearts. And it was this very voice that inspired Greg to launch photographingGOD.

When Does An “Ad” Subtract? When It Divides Instead Of Multiplies Of Course…

I cannot remember a time when the culture of advertising was truly inclusive (or the media for that matter). You would think that advertisers selling a product or service would want to appeal to the largest possible audience of potential customers. “Not just the perfect ones.” If I am selling soap, why would I only want to sell it to people who looked or acted like me? When advertisers choose certain “types” of people to represent their product and intentionally exclude others, […]

The NEW pGOD App Is Here & FREE! For Apple and Android Devices

You Are Only One Click Away! Download Download The pGOD App was developed for you. Now you can have convenient access to enhanced content and features including: WALL OF WISDOM: Powerful images, quotes, and thought-provoking narrative serve to inspire your search and need for daily purpose, peace, and passion. The ingredients to pursuing true joy in this life. WOW posts muffle the destructive 24/7 “Voice Of The World” which serves to separate us from our divine and natural creation and […]

Cat Got My Tongue

I grew up believing I was allergic to cats and dogs. I later learned this was nothing more than a fable fabricated by others to discourage me from wanting a pet. So the TIME story, “Here Are Some Adorable Photos Of Kittens Pouncing” grabbed my tongue and inspired me to write a personal memoir, not about cats per se, but about life. Fast forward many years later, I found myself wandering into a pet store and buying my first dog. It […]

The World According To The World. A Frightening Look.

Whatever belief system you subscribe to, I think most of us can agree that civilization is becoming increasingly self-destructive. I suppose we may have been more barbaric in the distant past (and that may be debatable). Yet, has man’s creation of increasingly complex systems including government, finance & economics, health & medicine, organized religion, education, agriculture, commerce, technology, science, communications, media, and transportation, promoted progress for the human race? Is progress leaving anyone behind? Are we eradicating sickness and poverty; improving the quality, […]

The Problem With Making Plans

When we become too committed to what we think is “right or best” for us, we do not open our hearts to what God may have in store for our lives. I call it the studio apartment syndrome. We do not leave any room for God to live and work in our lives. Letting go of our conviction, for at least a moment, may reveal a better plan to be convicted to. Often, such plans, would never have had an opportunity to enter our imagination or consideration.

If we want God to work in our lives, we have to mentally move into a “McMansion” because God takes up that much room and more! -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Ever Feel Like Your Life Is Going Nowhere?

Do you feel like your life is going nowhere? I have great news. Nowhere is always somewhere; It just may not feel like anywhere right at the moment. Yet, life is not just a moment, but a continuum of moments strung together to form a glorious story. Your story. How do I know this is true?

God create you for greatness. You are an amazing creation with amazing ability and potential. Be patient and savor the moments. Be intentional, yet regard your current circumstances as part of a bigger plan. There is a bigger plan. Think back to the many times in the past you felt this way and then suddenly your circumstances changed. You may feel like you are in the middle of nowhere right now but I assure you, you are very much in the middle of somewhere. Blessings… -gp

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Not So Funny…

Folks… This is not a political issue that can be solved by political solutions. This is a human issue that needs to be solved by getting in closer touch with our humanity and the value of our life. I am reminded of the time (I may be giving away my age here) that we were trained to launch under our desks in the event of a nuclear attack by the enemy; Whoever that really was. Anyhow, we have raised generations of frightened […]

God Is…

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Every Day Is A New Day

“Every day begins with the opportunity to see the world differently. To appreciate everything and everyone around us.” -Greg Pai

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

No God?

Photo Credit: Dan Park (New York, USA)

Business Hours

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

Have You Ever Been Alone?

“Seek God’s presence in your quiet moments and better than a best friend, He will be there with you.” -Greg Pai

Get Hitched…

Hitch yourself to God’s purpose for your life and you will not get lost or rust.

Do You Know When To Stay Still?

I classify anxiety as an official weapon of mass destruction. It has overwhelmed modern society and very few if any can avoid its wrath. It interferes with our ability to function, relate, share, connect, serve, work, play, imagine, sleep, rest, enjoy, and pray. [Did I forget anything?] Pharmaceutical companies are printing money on our backs while only providing temporary transient relief and no cure. But what is the answer? The answer lies in finding peace and rest in God. A peace that surpasses […]

Photography Provides A Portal To Many Realities For Most Of Us

The power of photography extends far past simply being an extraordinary visual art. For nearly all of us, it provides the only access to the glory or horror of the many concurrent world events we would otherwise have no way to witness. I believe that more than words or film, photos can freeze a particular moment, impress it into our present conscience, and move us emotionally as no other stimuli can. The use of photography during the Civil Rights Era, the Holocaust, the many […]

What Is Wisdom?

God knows everything and is the source of all knowledge worth having. One very important avenue to God’s wisdom is the process of discovery and exploration. Unfortunately, we have outsourced and streamlined our search for knowledge. Our schools teach us to memorize facts and not to seek them. Recorded history is fraught with biases and twisted perspectives. Our professions have little tolerance for inexperience and “on-the-job-learning” And now “the age of information” has given us a false sense of knowledge […]

What Is Truth?

Photo Credit: Greg Pai

May New Acquaintances Be Always Remembered! (Ode to Auld Lang Syne)

So here we are at the end of the year. Not just any year. The first New Year for photographingGOD. Though hardly a full new year. We launched on Saturday morning, September 5 at around 8am Eastern Standard Time. We had no agenda. No plan. Not even a vision.

We Don’t Want to Tell People…

God gave us a brilliant mind to think for ourselves and not simply follow a system by default. But that requires time, effort, and most of all, God’s wisdom. Thinking, discovering, and creating are the three worst things to outsource, and doing so is a fatal mistake.

Have You Seen Nature’s Waterfall Of Colors?

“The Aurora Borealis , or Northern Lights, is one of nature’s most spectacular light displays. Ever changing, they will intrigue anyone who is lucky to catch them night after night. At no other time of year can we drive through city and country alike and feel the warmth that lights add to our lives. No matter how awesome our light displays are though, nothing can compare with one of the most amazing shows nature has to offer; the Aurora Borealis, or […]

If Not For The Valleys

by Greg Pai Featured Photo Credit: highlights6 (Wood Lanes, UK) If not for the valleys I often descend I could not see the mountains o’er horizon’s bend The glory of God His Majestic style Awe filled landscape A miracle mile So far in the distance While feeling so close The landscape before me I anticipate most These dips are in God’s grips All these lands are in His hands Descents and ascents are the intent of His plans Shaping and […]

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